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As Radio Station Manager at WBCA-LP 102.9 FM

Taught multiple classes, including Basic Radio Studio Production, Audio Editing Techniques, Podcasting - Content and Creation, Podcasting - Recording and Editing, Podcasting - Distribution and Promotion, and FCC Rules & Regulations; classes included technical aspects, field recordings, and Audacity.

As DJ Trainer & Operations Manager at KAOS 89.3 FM

Taught a 6 week class quarterly to prepare DJs for their show, including teaching the technical aspects, like using the board and mics, FCC rules and regulations, writing copy, and how to report music played.


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WBCA Presents

A radio show and podcast about Boston music from all genres, from hip hop and rock to electronic and classical music. I trained interns how to book bands, set up audio equipment, record audio, conduct interviews, run a show, and edit the episodes, supervising each step.

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Youth Voices

As part of a youth media camp, I designed a course for high school students to create a youth run radio show; the teens created a 13 program radio show that aired on WBCA-LP 102.9 FM Boston. I taught students to brainstorm and research topics, interviewing techniques, and how to record audio. I later edited and mixed the final shows for radio airplay. The class was centered around student voice and choice, and the topics students wanted to discuss included racism, music, teen pregnancy, fashion, high school drop out rates, videogames, and more.


Newbury College

Taught a college level course to give students basic radio skills and editing through Adobe Audition.

Cambridge Community Television (CCTV)

Designed and taught workshops and classes on Podcasting 101, Understanding Story and Narrative Constructive - From Writing Books to Filming Movies and Recording Audio, Pandora and Internet Radio, and Understanding Adaptation.



Danvers Community Access Television (DCAT)

Created and implemented curriculum for after school programs in elementary and middle schools in the district for students to learn basic video shooting techniques.

Calcutt Media Program

Taught 5th grade girls in aspects of audio and podcasting production including Audacity, RSS Feeds, blogging, and social media through an after school program.



Young Women’s College Prep

Literacy Coach for a book club for 7th grade girls that met weekly in person and through online an Wikispace. Discussions (on and offline) included the representation of women, urban, and teen culture, violence, sexuality and sexual orientation, body image and self harm, and dialects/slang.

Rochester City School District

Taught students in three sections (two inclusive on general) of Junior year English (America, Media, and Culture) in the, looking at both traditional literary texts such as novels, short stories, and poetry, and media texts such as music, films, and websites.



Bunker Hill Community College

Taught 20 students in a pre-college course for reading comprehension, organizational writing, and grammar skills both in-class and online.