I love audio, from podcasts to radio to music. Media is an extremely important part of my life, whether I'm consuming it, creating it, or educating others about it. I take on many different kinds of projects: creating a radio show or podcast; working with students in after school programs to learn audio and video skills; designing websites for podcasts and businesses; and managing social media accounts for radio stations, nonprofits, and conferences.

I have an extensive radio background, working as the Station Manager for WBCA-LP 102.9 FM, the Training & Operations Manager at KAOS 89.3 FM Olympia, WA; in promotions for Mix 104.1 FM Boston, MA and Northshore 104.9 FM Beverly, MA: and Music Director, DJ trainer, and radio host and DJ for WRUR 88.5 FM Rochester, New York.

In my free time I work on my own podcast, Burst Your Bubble, a show that looks at -isms and -phobias in pop culture and putting them in a historical and cultural context.

I graduated from the Warner School of Education in 2013 with my MS in Teaching & Curriculum with a focus in digital media and literacy. As an undergraduate I attended the University of Rochester, where I received my BA in Media & Cultural Studies in American Society and English in 2012.