I can help you learn how to schedule and book guests, design and set up your own recording space, teach you how to record audio, record audio for you, edit content, add metadata, distribute content, and/or promote your show for you. Let’s talk.


A podcast that focuses on -isms and -phobias in pop culture. I research, write, record, edit, mix, and distribute all episodes.


A podcast focusing on how history ebbs and flows over the centuries. I produce the show, working on the script, recordings, and final mixdowns.


A podcast full of curiosity and conversation. With a co-host I brainstormed topics, hosted, recorded, and edited two episodes a month.

A podcast that focuses on women, business, and best practices. As a freelancer, every week I edit and distribute the episodes.

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An interview podcast focused on all of the different aspects of aging. I help with recording techniques, editing the audio, and transcribing the audio.

A radio show and podcast about Boston music from all genres. I trained interns how to book bands, set up audio equipment, record audio, conduct interviews, run a show, and edit the episodes, supervising each step.

Teens created a 13 program radio show and I taught students to brainstorm and research topics, interviewing techniques, and how to record audio. I later edited and mixed the final shows for radio airplay.

An interview podcast where the hosts meet with entertainment industry professionals. I engineer the recorded sessions for episodes.


A radio show and podcast where the hosts talk with “the underbelly of Hollywood” - from musicians and horror film directors to sword swallowers and comedians. I engineer the recorded sessions for episodes.


A podcast that explores mental illness, the hosts breaking down a self help book with a new guest each week.